Doggy Daycare and Pet Grooming Services, Photo by Ryan Stone
To wait a day without human companionship is almost certainly the most lonely day one can spend upon the earth.

- Anonymous dog

We agree. That's why we're here.

Strand, Somerset West, Gordons Bay and the surrounding area is bustling with people with a lot of work to do. Unfortunately, that means that in many cases their furry friends are left at home with only their own ingenuity to entertain themselves with (or get into mischief)! What to do? The best solution is right under your nose...

Why us?

1,200m2 play area
5 indoor separate camps to make sure your doggy plays with his/her own size
Outdoor beach sand area with pool and climbing equipment
3 gates to go through from back to road for ultimate safety
At least one handler in each camp at all times
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What We Have To Offer

We've made sure to give you every reason to feel great about leaving your canine companion or feline friend with us.

doggy daycare Photo by Josephine

Doggy Daycare

Seize the play! Our fundamental reason for existence is to offer a fully equipped indoor centre for dogs of all ages, shapes and sizes. Our outdoor play area ensures your dogs get plenty of fresh air and sunshine while our dog-loving Companions add the most important ingredient: loving attention. Click here to see our admission requirements.

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Pet Grooming Photo portrait by Charles of small black dog  wearing striped jacket

Pet Grooming

The only danger here is that your pet will be so happy they might not want to come home again! Pamper services will ensure your pet hits the catwalk looking like a million bucks, showing off the latest hairstyles and fashion trends. We use only hyperallergenic products and professionally trained (and totally hip) stylists to look after our "clients".

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Royal Cattery Boarding Service Photo by Caleb Woods

Royal Cattery Boarding Service

Don't let our name fool you; this is the cat's me-wow! Feline royalty from all over the Helderberg will find our facilities just to their particular tastes, and our Royal Staff will be around to cater to their every need. Click here to see our admission requirements.

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Dalmatian being fed a treat.

Frequently Asked Questions

Got questions? Don't we all! But the best part about our FAQ page is that in this case, we know all the answers! Of course, if you've got a special question not included in our list, contact us any time.

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Doggy Dorms and Regal Rooms Photo by Robert Pruteanu

Doggy Dorm & Regal Rooms

Our boarding accommodation offers dormitory-style (bunking with friends) or posh private rooms for our elite guests and comes with our daycare service automatically! Now to book that holiday...

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Basic Admission Requirements

It is important to note that we require a minimum of 3 days of daycare to have been completed at Dogs Day Out before any dog may be booked for boarding, to ensure we've had ample time for temperament assessment. This ensures the safety & happiness of ALL our guests.

For daycare & boarding:

  • Animals must be spayed/neutered to continue being eligible for doggy daycare and boarding (full details here).
  • All vaccinations must be up to date (including for Kennel Cough!)
  • Pets must be completely free of fleas & ticks.
  • FOR BOARDING it is important to note that we require a minimum of 3 days of daycare to have been completed at Dogs Day Out before any dog may be booked in for sleepovers, to ensure we've had ample time for temperament assessment. This ensures the safety & happiness of ALL our guests.
  • PLEASE NOTE that, regrettably, we cannot book in Pitbulls or Bull Terriers.

    If you have a Staffordshire Terrier under 6 months old, he/she may be booked in for an assessment day. If your staffy passes our assessment, he/she will then be allowed to be booked in for doggy daycare indefinitely.
You can see our full admission requirements HERE

What's all the fuss about?

Your pet loves to be social, even if for some it takes more time than others to warm up to other animals. When left at home, dogs tend to get up to mischief out of sheer boredom and sometimes as a way of asking for more attention. With our daycare facilities, your furry friend is given attention all day long and will have the chance to make friends and burn off a lot of their stored-up energy!

Our trained and loving Companions will give your pet all the love and attention that they might otherwise miss while you're out working hard away from home and you'll end up with a stress-free, socialized and happy pet to take back home with you at the end of the day!

100% TLC
Health & safety first
Outdoor play
Social environment

Some of the fuss people are making about us!

Aqleigh burger

"Dogs Day Out" is die beste. Ek kan my 4voet kind aflaai met n geruste hart en as ek haar gaan haal kan ek sien sy het die tyd van haar lewe gehad. Sy kry liefde en tonne aandag daar wat dit makliker maak om haar te los. Dankie vir julle omgee

Jazz Enslin

I am so grateful to Dogs Day Out, they have given my dog an amazing amount of love and care while I have been away. They have allowed for her to be so nicely socialised. She even gets super excited when we come around the corner in the car. She absolutely loves them. We will be bringing the new pup too as soon as he is big enough: “Sage”.

Charlie & abbigail bredenkamp

Sending our beloved dogs to “Dogs Day Out” was the best decision we made. We have total peace of mind knowing they have our pets well-being at heart. Love receiving their photos & videos during the day. Our normally anxious Charlie now runs to the doggy taxi. They absolutely adore going. They are exercised, monitored carefully, have a ball & are safe. ♥️ Thank you to all. - Jackie & John Bredenkamp

maya warrington

border collie
Dogs Day Out is amazing! The staff are so friendly and passionate about animals. Maya is a very shy dog, but day care has helped her overcome a lot of her fearfulness and she’s started to play and have fun with the other dogs. I wouldn’t trust anyone else with my pup other than Dogs Day Out!

jake de waal

Nothing makes my dog more tired than another dog and that’s why THIS is the place to be! Friendly, helpful and always willing to offer advice is what best describes the staff at Dogs Day Out Daycare. Don’t forget the picture updates you regularly receive throughout the day - it’s just the best seeing your dog so happy and well looked after. Always a fun time, thanks guys!

lily avenant

shar pei
We have gotten to know Dogs Day Out in the last year. Our dog, Lily, celebrated her first birthday this week at DDO with all her friends and had a blast. Lily has a second home away from home where she is loved and cared for. She is so excited every time we drop her off, runs straight over anybody in sight to go play and doesn't even say goodbye. We never worry about her when we leave her there. We love being updated daily with a photo or video to show us the fun she is having. The best place by far, don't know what we would have done without them. Thanks Nannie and the Dogs Day Out team, our Lily loves you all! Hope to have many more playdates and sleepovers.

billy pretorius

Dogs Day Out has been nothing less than a godsend to us. My partner and I must frequently travel for work, and this always stopped us from getting a pet in the past. Due to covid and travel restrictions we were able to spend more time at home and we decided that this would be the best time to get a puppy, Billy (now a 10-month-old Staffy). We knew that our travelling would resume at some stage and thus looked for place that would take care of Billy when we could not. We were so happy and lucky to have discovered Dogs Day Out.  Not only do they take care of Billy when we are out of town, but they also love Billy. We know that Billy is always well taken care of.  At Dogs Day Out they do not just feed Billy and give him water, they make sure he gets attention, stimulation and often some much-needed TLC. The frequent video and WhatsApp updates put our heart and mind at ease when we are away. Their human-customer service is also nothing short of fantastic, the staff are always friendly and eager to assist and sometimes when mom forgets about deworming, Dogs Day Out will send me a friendly reminder. I will recommend Dogs Day Out to anyone.

vito mederer

german shepherd
Nannie and her team at Dogs Day Out are another kind of special. They adore their daycare pets are are incredibly loving, kind, considerate and communicative. Vito, our German Shepherd has been going for a few months and is so excited when his Doggy Taxi arrives. We are sent videos and photos throughout the day, about who he’s playing with, what they’re up to and any success stories. The whole team go above and beyond to make sure all the animals are cared for, and happy. It’s heaven for your pet! Thank you Nannie for creating this incredible playground. - Anthony & Kate Mederer

Willie & Cliffie Botes

biewer yorkies
I drive from Stellenbosch to Strand/Somerset every day , just because Dogs Day Out is so amazing with my two pups. Both of them didn’t really know how to play or react with other dogs (they used to bark at other dogs when we went on walks, also very scared of other people.) The Dogs Day Out staff really changed my pups, they absolutely love people now and they get along great with other dogs. (No more barking at other dogs on walks). Always greeted with excited and friendly staff. You can really see they are dog lovers! They also go out their way to make it fun for the dogs with games and special pup pool party days; pyjama dress up party days ; Easter egg hunts.They also update you throughout the day with pictures of your dog having an absolute blast via Whatsapp (probably my favourite message of the day). I’m serious when I say I wouldn’t trust them with anyone else.

Xara and Reagan Wessels

Dogs Day Out has been a home away from home for my dearest furries. The massive smiles and extreme fulfillingness that my dogs come home with is just a glimpse of what the team has to offer and for that, I would like to thank each and every one of you. You are not only recommended 100% of the time by me, but you are part of our family. Thank you!

zoe akermann

Zoe, my fur child 🐶 has been going to Dog's Day Out for 6 months. She loves it, she shakes with excitement before and comes home with a big staffie smile.

Dougall Carvalheiro

Dogs day out has been fantastic for helping Dougall overcome separation anxiety. He loves his days there. The staff have been amazing with him. Would highly recommend Dogs Day Out.

orio, domino & diago jooste

To whom it may concern. I have been a client of Dogs Day Out for several months. They are highly recommended. Extreme special care is taken of all animals at all times. Regular updates and photos are sent to you when your pets are housed in their kennels. Kennels are impeccably kept clean and pets fed top food and spoiled. Medicines are administered correctly and the admin of all pets meticulously kept. I would recommend them to any and all pet lovers. I could not take better care of my own animals as when they are in the care of Dogs Day Out. Staff are well trained and courteous with senior staff and owner hands-on every day.

Titus marshall

The fantastic team at Dogs Day Out have created a true home away from home for our much loved Titus. His Daycare bookings, twice a week, are an absolute highlight for him.  He leaves home bouncing with excitement and returns happy and tired, after a full day with his doggy pals. We love seeing the pics that the staff send through on these days, and often say to each other that he has far more fun there than anywhere else.  This is also why we happily book him in for overnight stays when we go away.

pepper siljeur

boston terrier
DogsDayOut truly is amazing. My furbaby, Pepper, loves going and can't get out the car fast enough. They really make you feel part of their family. They're always communicating, keeping you posted on how your doggy is doing, whether with vids or pics and reminders on when you need to renew packages. I really feel that they care about Pepper and she's a priority just as any other doggy there. They're always friendly and very helpful. Thanks DogsDayOut 🤗🐶❤

Freyja metz

Dogs Day Out is what I imagine heaven must be like. Except your dog doesn't die and you get to take them home again! Freyja comes home (often reluctantly!) and she's had fun ALL DAY, she's perfectly socialised with dogs of all breeds, sizes and temperaments, and she's looked after by genuine dog people who are the salt of the earth. If your dog isn't at Dogs Day Out, do you really even love them? - Nikki Metz (mom)

Dog's Day Out het ons grasperk (en verhouding) gered. Freyja is 'n sosiale vlinder en hou van heeldag speel. As sy nie kan speel nie, dan soek sy moeilikheid (sy glo die moeilikheid lê onder die gras begrawe). Natuurlik wil ek piets, maar haar ma glo nie in ligtelik tik nie. Die dat Dog's Day Out die verhouding ook gered het! Freyja is in die beste hande, sy grawe eerder daar in die sand en speel heeldag met honde van elke grootte en geaardheid. Sy is lekker moeg as sy by die huis kom, maar nie so moeg dat ons nie ook nog ure se genot uit haar put nie. Dis rerig die beste plek vir ons en haar! - Karel (dad)

benjy nel

Dogs Day Out, it's really a treat for me and Benjy! I drop him off with a good heart! And he is always so excited when I drop him! You really take good care of him, your advice is on point, the fact that I can also buy food there is a bonus! You have so much love for Benjy! Love you guys ❤️❤️❤️

duke fouche

Duke has been coming to Dogs Day Out South Africa since October 2020.  He can not wait to get out the car in the mornings. The staff is wonderful, very helpful and professional. The premises are extremely clean and Duke receives personal attention which he thrives on. A reminder for dewormer medication is sent monthly as well as reminder for the yearly vaccine. Duke also has his nails trimmed on a regular basis. The shop at reception has a variety of foods and doggy goodies. If you feel your dog is your child - this is place to bring him to. - Doggy love, Gwennie Fouche

sana honigwachs

Our dog Sana loves Dogs Day Out! She trots in so happily, tail wagging, and it is clear she loves all the staff members. Highly recommended not only for a day out, but also for boarding overnight when we are away on holiday. - Nikki


miniature daschund
There are lots of dog/cat kennels, hotels or house sitters and then there is Dogs Day Out. What makes this place stand out is the passion, unconditional love and patience of the owner, Nannie de Villiers, and all her staff members. All the animals are treated with respect and lots of love. Nina (mini Dachshund) loves going to “school”. I am at ease when I drop her off with these lovely people and she is tired, but content, when I fetch her. The facilities are beautiful and are kept clean and tidy. Thank you guys! You are absolutely fabulous.
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Doggy Parlour Photo by Sarandy Westfall
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Dog Grooming Photo by Oscar Sutton
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