To wait a day without human companionship is almost certainly the most lonely day one can spend upon the earth.
- Anonymous dog
We agree. That's why we're here.

Now with two locations - Strand and Firgrove - DogsDayOut is your friendly local doggy daycare, boarding and cattery service. Here you'll find everything you could possibly need (and much more): expansive indoor/outdoor play areas, professionally-trained handlers, a Dog Taxi, grooming service and goodies shop for starters!

Hold up! Basic Admission Requirements:

It is important to note that we require a minimum of 3 days of daycare to have been completed at Dogs Day Out before any dog may be booked for boarding, to ensure we've had ample time for temperament assessment. This ensures the safety & happiness of ALL our guests.

For daycare & boarding:

  • Animals must be spayed/neutered to continue being eligible for doggy daycare and boarding (full details here).
  • All vaccinations must be up to date (including for Kennel Cough!)
  • Pets must be completely free of fleas & ticks.
  • FOR BOARDING it is important to note that we require a minimum of 3 days of daycare to have been completed at Dogs Day Out before any dog may be booked in for sleepovers, to ensure we've had ample time for temperament assessment. This ensures the safety & happiness of ALL our guests.
  • PLEASE NOTE that, regrettably, we cannot book in Pit Bulls or Bull Terriers.
    If you have a Staffordshire Terrier under 6 months old, he/she may be booked in for an assessment day. If your Staffie passes our assessment, he/she will then be allowed to be booked in for doggy daycare indefinitely.
You can see our full admission requirements HERE

Why us?

1,200m2 play area
5 indoor separate camps to make sure your doggy plays with his/her own size
Outdoor beach sand area with pool and climbing equipment
3 gates to go through from back to road for ultimate safety
At least one handler in each camp at all times
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What We Have To Offer

We've made sure to give you every reason to feel great about leaving your canine companion or feline friend with us.

doggy daycare Photo by Josephine

Doggy Daycare

Seize the play! Our fundamental reason for existence is to offer a fully equipped indoor centre for dogs of all ages, shapes and sizes. Our outdoor play area ensures your dogs get plenty of fresh air and sunshine while our dog-loving Companions add the most important ingredient: loving attention. Don't forget to read up on our admission requrements!

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doggy daycare Photo by Josephine

Dog Boarding

Our boarding accommodation offers dormitory-style (bunking with friends) or posh private rooms for our elite guests and comes with our daycare service automatically! Now to book that holiday...

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doggy daycare Photo by Josephine

Pet Grooming

The only danger here is that your pet will be so happy they might not want to come home again! Pamper services will ensure your pet hits the catwalk looking like a million bucks, showing off the latest hairstyles and fashion trends. We use only hyperallergenic products and professionally trained (and totally hip) stylists to look after our "clients".

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doggy daycare Photo by Josephine

Royal Cattery Boarding Service

Don't let our name fool you; this is the cat's me-wow! Feline royalty from all over the Helderberg will find our facilities just to their particular tastes, and our Royal Staff will be around to cater to their every need. Click here to see our admission requirements.

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doggy daycare Photo by Josephine

Frequently Asked Questions

Got questions? Don't we all! But the best part about our FAQ page is that in this case, we know all the answers! Of course, if you've got a special question not included in our list, contact us any time.

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Some of the fuss people are making about us!

Phillip Steyn

"Laika" - Mixed Breed
Best Doggy Daycare in the Western Cape!! Staff are friendly and very professional when it comes to taking care of your furbaby. They take the welfare of the dogs extremely seriously! It's my furbaby's home away from home where she can be among friends! 🐶

Llewellyn Stevens

"Lilah" - cat - Mixed Breed
Absolutely amazing service received from Dogs Day Out. From making the reservation, to receiving my cat on the day she was booked in, to being flexible as I travelled longer, getting daily videos on how my cat is doing. I dealt with Simone and Kirsten mostly. Truly incredible service, and amazing staff. Highly recommended!!

Dorian Toussaint

"Milou" and "Fynn" - mixed breeds
Outstanding service, Outstanding venue, brilliant customer care. I have absolutely no doubt that my pups are not only looked after but loved with the utmost care. Would give them 6 stars if I could.

Martin Grundlingh

"Zola" - mixed breed
Dogs Day Out helped our fur child (rescue with terrible history) conquer her anxiety and fear of humans. They are loving and amazing people with only the best at heart for the doggos in their care!

Suzanne Koen

"Omar" and "Onyx" - mixed breeds
Where do I even begin? 10/10 highly recommend. I have a strong suspicion that my youngest boy wishes he could live at Dogs Day Out instead and have Simone (who works there) as his mom. And my other boy loves the special treatment he gets as the older, gentle brother. They take care of the pups as if they were their own!

Andrew Rickard

"Rocky" - husky
Brilliant staff and facilities. These guys love dogs, and it shows!!!

Mieke Hough

"Koffie" - mixed breed
We LOVE!! Our dog LOVES it! They are doing a PAWSOME job.

Tandi Thursfield

"Tatum" - mixed breed
Awesome… just awesome. Friendly staff and happy doggos! I think my furbaby loves them more than she loves me.
Go from this...
Doggy Parlour Photo by Sarandy Westfall
To this!
Dog Grooming Photo by Oscar Sutton
Go ahead... your pet will love you for it!

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