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Dog boarding service

Royal Cattery Boarding Service

Dog boarding service Photo by Jae Park
Sleepovers totally get me excited like you have no idea seriously.
- Anonymous cat

Life's great! Especially when you've got Royal Servants on call...

Photo by Anton Darius from Unsplash.com of an orange tabby cat laying on its back on black textile.

You don't need do stress about your cat while you're away, and neither does your cat! So instead of worrying that your cat might take too long crossing the road, get into a nasty fight with the neighbourhood bully or, at the very least, use your couch or bed as a litter box while you're away - just bring them to us! Our Royal Servants will make your kitties feel safe and as comfy as can be while they snooze and play the time away in our care. They say time flies when you're having fun, who says that can't apply to your four-legged royalty for the hours you're away?

Dog boarding service Photo by Anton Darius
Photo by Yurii Stupen from Unsplash.com of a sleeping cat's head close up.
Closeup image of brown and grey fur.

So, what's a Cattery Boarding Service?

A cattery boarding service provides your kitty with a safe and enjoyable environment to sleep and play without the worries of unfriendly animals or other external dangers like moving vehicles. It also keeps them out of trouble and potential home headaches like when they use your expensive couch as a scratching post or your bed as a litter box due to sheer boredom or as a way of saying "where are you?!".

Anyone who's ever owned a cat knows that the ownership is actually mostly the kitty's - at least in their minds! They act like royalty and we certainly keep the illusion alive with the help of our Royal Servants: 24-hour staff that remain on standby to make sure the kitties are always looked after to standards even the ancient Egyptians would be envious of!


Our vertically built "Kitty Towers" are enclosed units that allow our royal guests to spend their time freely climbing up, down and all around while also giving them a cozy place to sleep and a hygienic place to answer the call of nature. In addition to the standard 4-level towers, we also offer Window Towers (for the best view out) and Back To Back Towers (for maximum space). You're more than welcome to bring your feline's favourite blanket or other household item that is familiar in order to make them feel as relaxed as possible.

Our facility is equipped with CCTV cameras to make sure we've got everything recorded for your peace of mind - both as a deterrent and a way of making sure we have all the facts should an investigation be required.

Admission Requirements

All cats:

Ask for the core 3-in-1 HCP vaccine. HCP protects your cat against:
  • Herpes
  • Calici
  • Panleukopenia
Please note that pets who do not have up to date vaccinations will not be allowed access to our boarding service and reservations made regardless of these requirements will have to be paid in full by the owner.

Additional requirements:

  • Ensure your pet regularly has flea and tick treatment as well as deworming treatment.
  • Please note that any cats coming to the cattery must be brought in a secure cat cage.
PLEASE NOTE: Under no circumstances will any cancellations of reservations due to the above requirements not being met be subject to a refund.
Go ahead... your pet will love you for it!

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