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Photo by Jordan Davis from Unsplash.com of a large brown dog with white stripe looking at the viewer.

About Us

Photo of Dogs Day Out daycare facility
Pet Physiotherapy Photo by Biel Morro Pet Grooming Photo by Josef ReckziegelDoggy Parlour Photo headshot portrait by Max KleinenDoggy Hotel Photo by Herbert GoetschDoggy Daycare Photo by Janko FerlicCattery Photo by Amber Kipp

We're crazy about pets!

Your pets are our passion. We just love seeing their grinning faces and hearing them yip for joy while they play! We take in dogs of all shapes and sizes and make sure everyone plays nicely and are well supervised to keep them out of trouble. Our live webcam service lets you in on the action from wherever you are, and our Pet Hotel (coming soon) will give your pets a cozy place to sleep with everyday play and care even when you're away for more than just the day!

And we're not just all about dogs, we're cat lovers too! With a purrrfect cattery service that is all about treating your feline like royalty with safe and stress-free boarding.

Doggy Daycare and Pet Grooming Services
Orange silhouette of large dog jumping with cattery written in front.Pink silhouette of medium dog standing with pet grooming text written in front.Blue silhouette of large dog jumping with doggy daycare text in front.Blue silhouette of large dog jumping with pet hotel written in front.
Go ahead... your pet will love you for it!

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