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"Is it grooming time yet?!"


Please note that even if you just want you dog groomed at Dogs Day Out, you will need to register your dog with us, as well as ensure you have all the other admission vaccination requirements in place.

Welcome to The Groom Room

Photo by Jonathan Cooper from of a dirty looking large poodle.
So, I woke up like this... what now?

- Anonymous (and very dirty) dog

At your service! The furrier the better...

Our grooming service is guaranteed to be one of the highlights of your pet's day. We use only the most environmentally friendly care products that are even kinder to your furry friend. We come highly recommended by the most prominent poodles, we've been known to style Yorkies of especially high society and even improve the already exceptional looks of your Cavalier King Charles Spaniel! But we're no snobs - all dogs are welcome in our beauty parlour.

Portrait of a Schnauzer sitting on grey carpet by Alejandro Morelos from

What's in a Groom

The best way to pamper your pet: give our groomers a go!

Gentle Wash

In the first step, we enhance your dog's true colours with a wash that is soft and soothing, with hypoallergenic shampoos that are easy on your pet's skin.

Warm Dry

In Phase 2, your doty doggy is dried off and left with a squeaky clean coat that's as shiny as can be!

Cut & Style

Last, but not least, with your permission and guidance, we find your dog's perfect style and make sure every hair is cut to size for a trendy, clean look and finish the job!

Go ahead... your pet will love you for it!
Pet Grooming

But don't let our name fool you...

We love your kitty as much as your hound! In addition to our doggy-centred features, we also offer a cattery boarding service where cats can safely spend the night (or a few nights) without the worry of tangling with other felines. All the while, Royal Servants are always at hand to make sure things are orderly and that your kitty never feels threatened or stressed while you're away.
Dog boarding service Photo by Alvan Nee

And of course, don't forget your dog's day out!

At DogsDayOut, our main concern is that your dog doesn't have to endure one single day without his or her human companion! Our indoor/outdoor daycare facilities allow us to give your dog the best day EVER, every time they trot through our doors.

Questions? We love 'em!

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