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Photo by Victor Grabarczyk of a brindle-coloured Staffordshire Terrier standing looking down at the camera.


You know and we know that you are making a great choice by booking your dog with us, but he/she does not yet. Which is why we require at least 3 days of daycare to be completed before being allowed to board with us. That way your fur-child knows us and trusts us by the time they arrive for their sleepover. Also PLEASE NOTE that preference is given to dogs coming throughout the year for December boarding. We elaborate a little more on why this is, in our FAQs.

Please don't forget to read our admission requirements before booking in. You can keep scrolling until you reach the info, or alternatively jump straight to them by clicking right here.

Doggy Daycare

Photo by Ja San Miguel of a shaggy dog peering out a car window back towards the viewer.
There is no finer feeling than the wind in your fur on your way to a dog's day out.

- Anonymous dog

Absolutely right! Our daycare is pure joy for your dog.

Australian Cattle Dogs playing on the grass.

Our friendly Human Companions are always on-hand to make sure there is plenty of cuddles and entertainment to be had, and that medication is properly administered (if needed). We also understand that not all dogs play the same, so to make sure no one gets hurt and everyone has a blast, we offer separate areas for small, medium and large breeds to keep canine citizens of similar size and strength together for optimal socialization. It's a ball! A lot of them, actually.

Photo by Daniel Lincoln of two Australian Cattle Dogs playing in the sunlight very close to the viewer.
Closeup image by Patrik Inzinger of brown and grey fur.
Closeup image of brown and grey fur.

What's so great about Doggy Daycare anyway?

The social life
Dogs need social interaction with others of their own kind. At DogsDayOut, we provide a safe and friendly indoor/outdoor environment for this to happen, while minimizing the risks involved. We give your pet an abundance of play pals that have been pre-screened and vetted for the safety and well-being of all canine citizens.
Separation anxiety & boredom relief
Have you ever come home to find that your dog's made your yard look like it's been invaded by a mining company? Or come into your living room only to find out your dog has used your couch as a chew toy? And everyone knows "the look" whenever you leave the house in morning without them. Don't go on a guilt trip - take them on a DogsDayOut and make boredom and separation anxiety a thing of the past!
Exercise for better overall health and happiness
Dogs LOVE exercise and we LOVE to make them happy! Your pet deserves to run, play and be active. Regular activity helps keep your furbabies healthy, strong, alert and just a whole lot more contented. Our indoor play facilities provide not only plenty of room for all these things, our outdoor doggy park also ensures your pets get a healthy dose of warm sunshine as well!
Constant monitoring and care while you're away
With DogsDayOut, your pet is safe with us. Our staff are trained to handle your pet pal not just with love and care, but with professionalism should an emergency arise; your dog's safety and happiness is our highest priority. For even more peace of mind, we have CCTV systems in place to make sure all staff, pets and visitors put on their biggest smiles - and are on their best behaviour - for the cameras.
Additional doggy perks available
Our Groom Room is an added benefit to having your pet stay with us! A visit to our Groom Room will have your dogs looking squeaky clean and positively pampered, leaving them feeling clean, healthy and full of life! What's more, we believe that the more the merrier: Each canine sibling that joins in the fun is automatically given a discounted rate!

Admission Requirements for Dogs

  • Rabies, every 3 years
  • DHLPP vaccine (guards against Distemper, Hepatitis, Leptospirosis, Parainfluenza and Parvovirus), annually
  • Bordetella (kennel cough), annually - please note that you should always check that your dog has been vaccinated against kennel cough, as not all vets give this vaccine with standard vaccinations!
Please note that pets who do not have up to date vaccinations will not be allowed access to our daycare or boarding services and reservations made regardless of these requirements will have to be paid in full by the owner.

Additional requirements:

  • Ensure your pet regularly has flea and tick treatment as well as deworming treatment.
  • Please note that any cats coming to the cattery must be brought in a secure cat cage or carrier and all dogs on a leash at all times unless otherwise instructed by one of our qualified staff.

Assessment & temperament requirements:

  • All pets who will be staying with us will need to have been with us for 3 days of daycare to determine their temperament and social behaviours. This is simply to ensure the safety and basic enjoyment of ALL our four-legged guests.
  • PLEASE NOTE that, regrettably, we cannot book in Pitbulls or Bull Terriers. Staffordshire Terriers under 6 months old may be booked in AFTER they have passed an "assessment day" at Dogs Day Out.

Sterilization requirements:

  • Your doggy is welcome as soon as their third vaccination has been completed; We will, however, require that all male dogs be neutered by 8 months and females spayed by 6 months if they wish to continue participating in daycare and boarding here at DogsDayOut.
PLEASE NOTE: Under no circumstances will any cancellations of reservations due to the above requirements not being met be subject to a refund.
Go ahead... your pet will love you for it!
Pet Grooming

But don't let our name fool you...

We love your kitty as much as your hound! In addition to our doggy-centred features, we also offer a cattery boarding service where cats can safely spend the night (or a few nights) without the worry of tangling with other felines. All the while, Royal Servants are always at hand to make sure things are orderly and that your kitty never feels threatened or stressed while you're away.
dog boarding services Photo by Herbert Goetsch

And while your dog is with us...

Get them back happy AND good-looking! Our Groom Room is equipped to handle even the shaggiest of doggies and is guaranteed to make them feel seriously pampered - all you have to do is book!
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